ENBSeries v0.108 TrueHDR for TES Skyrim

It differs from 0.103 by almost no processing of per object effects and all complex effects are disabled. This version only for those players, who don't see any sence using SSAO and only need high performance and some color filters. This mod have very high performance and mostly only bloom (disabled by default) with lenz effect decrease it. I left working parameters for sky, sun, clouds, because with some tricks it is possible to achieve almost same result as with previous ENBSeries mods by means of HDR processing. All presets and shaders still the same, so download made by users (on the forum or nexus), i'm not sharing my own to everybody.


Warning! This is not final version. Description of presets to this version will be available later on http://enbdev.com Bright hairs of characters is result of post processing in enbeffect.fx shader. Performance and visual tweaking is work on your side. If you don't want to learn how edit parameters of ENBSeries, get configuration files of other users. I don't wish to tweak by myself, always somebody hate what i doing by saying "too colorful for tundra, vanilla game is much more realistic", this is just bullshit from blind daltonic with cataracta. bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 must be set in SkyrimPrefs.ini file to make this mod work.

v0.106: differs from 0.103 only by some minor optimizations, which was implemented in version 0.105. Check out if no graphical artifacts appear in this version, if it look the same as 0.103.
v0.105: Optimized performance, but SSAO and Depth Of Field effects turned off. Unfortunately, game use unknown vendor hack for NVidia cards, i can't find any information about it, so better to reverse back to slow version or develop for ATI only.
v0.103: It can be executed from some other folder, because don't use d3d9.dll file. Implemented experimental code of injector instead of standart d3d9 wrapper. This may be useful for users with Optimus laptops or for those, who using overlay tools like EVGA, Afterburn, D3D Overrider, XFire and others. Graphic changes are only get back to SSAO code from version 0.099 with minor update of indirect lighting intensity.
v0.102 Tatsudoshi: Fixed few bugs, most work is done for increasing performance (not all yet). Many bugs of previous version is still here, i'll fix them later.
v0.101: Fixed bugs of previous version (at least what is see). Added code of programmable external depth of field effect (only added, but "todo"). With ne enbeffectprepass.fx shader file you can make more than just depth of field, it's executed before enbeffect.fx and working with hdr values in multipass mode (up to 8 passes). Changed standart of external shaders, removed ScreenScaleY and ScreenSize replaced by vector of 4 values. Most of old effects will not work, replace in them ScreenScaleY with ScreenSize.z and float ScreenSize; with float4 ScreenSize;. Increased quality of bloom and removed parameters of radius 1 and 2 for it.
v0.100: Removed parameter CyclicConfigReading (it read configuration file every 5 seconds), from now this will be handled by pressing a button BACK (can be changed KeyReadConfig). Added almost all code from my patch AntiFREEZE TES Skyrim 0.096, including most of it parameters. FPS limiter implemented, fps counter. Screenshot capturing is back, but different key assigned. SSAO effect now have additional "lite" version. To switch it setup parameter UseIndirectLighting=false in enbseries.ini file and restart the game. Added values to control SSAO distance relative to fog distance. Night and day time are separated. Properties for adaptation in enbseries.ini are finished, but they are partially clamped by limits in enbeffect.fx, so if you wish to control by enbeffect.ini only, remove limit code in shader (or wait when i'll post new shader). Added parameters for SubSurfaceScattering to reduce lighting in shadows for characters and ugly thin line on them (game bug). Added parameter for control of lights from windows, but it affect some fx, for example freeze spell. Added ShadowObjectsFix to apply shadows from mountains properly. Various bug fixes. SSAO work with antialiasing.
v0.099: Fixed crash in the evening. Added palette texture support (enbpalette.bmp, tga, png files). Removed code for screenshot capturing. SSAO disabled by default, activate it in enbseries.ini, parameter UseAmbientOcclusion=true and make sure antialiasing is not enabled by game or drivers. Not tested with other d3d9.dll files and they are not supported now.
v0.098: Implemented code from AntiFREEZE patch to fix some game bugs and increase stability with this mod. Added parameters to control environmental fog.
v0.097: I'm going to be crazy with fixing game bugs for make it work with ENBSeries, official patches destroy my progress every time, so i decided to release "light" version. Crashes of the game 1.1 happening very frequently (at least on my PC), they are not internal modification errors. Hardware antialiasing (multisampling) unsupported at this moment, so to make SSAO work properly, disable antialiasing (msaa). Optimization not applied, same as in any other first versions of ENBSeries, if you wish to get higher framerate, turn off SSAO or decrease quality of it. Game have some strange mistakes which aren't fixed yet, for example in interior locations direct light enabled and applied from bottom or from side (sun, uh?), so increaing intensity of it is not good idea, better to decrease all other values together and increase overall brightness in post processing shader enbeffect.fx. Users, who already tweaked parameters for GTA 4 version will not have much problems with this one. Do not change SubSurfaceScattering parameters, game have bug for characters and i'll fix it when latest official patch will be released (bright thin line on skin).

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