Deus Ex game is one of the best games i know. It's old stealth first person shooter with rpg. Various ways of walkthrough, cameras, turrels, hacking different devices, dependent from player actions storyline, good music and cyberpunk atmosphere of nearest future. At release date it had good graphics based on Unreal engine by Epic Games. Many old gamers like it a lot, same as me. If you don't like most modern games, try to play several levels of Deus Ex as rpg.
Because game is very old, it doesn't have enough details and textures looks tiled. I can't do much with modding of such games, but at least tried some effects, not implemented in other versions of the mod. I have some ideas for future versions, how to let users to increase details in this game by adding custom textures and shaders per object, but such version is not yet done and i know several projects for improving graphics in Deus Ex, perhaps they are better already.

To run the game, download also third party DX9 renderer for the game, developed by one of fans (thanks a lot). Download from author site HERE or from my site HERE

You may see comparison screenshots from this mod and vanilla game in the gallery.