Screenshots may not be the same you see by using ENBSeries, that's because of different versions of mod, implemented effects and their algorithms, presets.
Videos are also mostly work in progress and differ.

Users screenshots

You can see much more screenshots on the forum and other resources, for example have several threads with screenshots.

Fallout 4 on the forum
Dragon's Dogma on the forum
GTA 5 on the forum
Fallout New Vegas on the forum
Fallout 3 on the forum
GTA 4 on the forum
GTA San Andreas on the forum
Stalker on the forum
TES Oblivion on the forum
TES Skyrim on the forum

Technical screenshots from development progress

Burnout Paradise
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Dragon's Dogma
Driver Parallel Lines
Half Life 2
GTA San Andreas
GTR Evolution
Guilty Gear
Parallax fun from GTASA and NOLF2
Resident Evil 4 Biohazard
Richard Burns Rally
Resident Evil 5
Serious Sam 1 Dx8 to Dx9 convertor
TES Oblivion
TES Skyrim
Test Drive Unlimited 2