Last update: 30 october 2011

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1 Copyrights of the ENBSeries (the SOFTWARE) exclusively belongs to AUTHOR - Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer).
2 ENBSeries is DonateWare application (freeware), which means you may or may not pay for this software to the author as donation.
3 Software provided "AS IS", without warranty of any kind, use it on your own risk.
4 You agree not to change or remove any parts of software (files in archive or installer) without author permission. Decompilation, reverse enginering, disassembling, debugging or changing resources of software is prohibited.
5 You may use and distribute software in commercial or non-commercial purposes. For commercial use it is required to warn about using this software (in credits, on the box or other places). Commercial distribution of software as part of the games without author permission prohibited.
6 Author reserve the right to change these license agreement.
7 All the rights, not described in this license agreement belongs to author.
8 You allowed to add new files to ENBSeries archive or installer.
9 You may sell presets, shaders, bitmaps, documentation and any other components for ENBSeries, except binary files (dll, exe) created by author of ENBSeries.
10 Custom presets, shaders, bitmaps, documentation and any other components for ENBSeries belongs to their authors and may have copyrights and license.

By executing the ENBSeries you accepting terms of use and this license agreement.