Download ENBSeries v0.181 for TES Oblivion

Warning! To run the mod properly, enable HDR in game video options.
Depth of field effect supported by external shader file enbeffectprepass.fx, i recommend to use Matso version of it, for example from "Skyrim Visual Immersion" which is available by this link:

This is just the mod with default preset, download customized presets and shaders from the forum or other sites.

v0.181: Restored detailed shadows, fixed bugs with new shadows and hair lighting. Added another ssao computation code (from 0.077 for Oblivion, better for characters). Added twelve mixing types for ssao for best characters lighting. Added interior and day/night globals to enbeffectprepass.fx and enbbloom.fx (similar to enbeffect.fx).
v0.180: Removed detailed shadows, fixed some bugs (which i have myself). Added shadow blurring for vanilla shadows, this is better than detailed shadows (turn on self shadowing in game video options).
v0.167: Added detailed shadows, changed ssao blending (using deffered rendering, but a simpler than in Skyrim), fixed known bugs.
v0.165: Added parameters to control lighting, fog and particles.
v0.164 beta: New core version created from Fallout 3 mod. Not all effects working, just a start.
v0.076: Exclusive version, but use old core of ENBSeries, performance is very low. Designed for good quality lighting of characters and clothing.
v0.075a: Simple non exclusive version based on very old ENBSeries and have low performance.

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