download ENBoost v0.203 patch for Fallout 3 / New Vegas

This is adaptation of code i did for TES Skyrim to reduce memory usage of the game and to fix most CTDs (crashes to desktop) because of "out of memory" issue when many mods installed. Don't know if this problem exist for Fallout games, but let it be, if it's important, i'll add this to ENBSeries for Fallout, but now it's just a patch without any changes to graphics. What it's doing? Utilize your videocard memory much better, compress resources and send them to enbhost.exe process, so you can install more mods with x64 OS (up to 4 gb game use by default and with this it's max about 10 gb at this moment).

v0.194: Removed fix for transparency bug of some objects, because by uknown reason it not work for some users and makes objects transparent. Added memory reducing feature (like in version for Skyrin in ENBoost) via two additional variables in the enbseries.ini under [MEMORY] category, work best on NVidia cards, with AMD it's much slower and not very effective against CTDs. Added borderless window features for both windowed and full screen modes. Added AddDisplaySuperSamplingResolutions parameter which allow to run game in greater resolution downsampled to current display mode to simulate supersampling (antialiasing), works only if game set to full screen mode, modify then resolution in video options to same as desktop*2.
v0.190: Fixed first person objects "transparency" artifact when ssao or shadows enabled, improved quality and performance of ssao of quality -1,0,1.
v0.184: Added ssao/ssil mixing types and ssao type, similar to latest version of TES Oblivion. Fixed some minor bugs. Removed ShadowBrightness parameter.
v0.179: Changed shadow and ssao mixing code by drawing additional deffer texture, no more black shadows. Added interior/exterior variables to enbbloom.fx, enbeffectprepass.fx by request.
v0.173: Fixed transparency bug for hair and some other objects (visible when ssao, shadows or depth of field enabled).
v0.161: Added parameter to control detailed shadows intensity, removed their dependency from ambient color. Fixed issue with flickering weapons with some mods installed.
v0.156: Increased performance of detailed shadows (and quality 2), fixed sun glare bug, scaled distance fade in fog (under SSAO_SSIL category) to make it looks properly at value 1.0 (i recommend to set FadeFogRange=1.0 now), increased quality and length of sun rays effect.
v0.150: Added detailed shadows.
v0.141: Modified ssao/ssil code, mixer of it and fading.
v0.140: Fixed bug with additional configuration file, removed sun corona parameters and it's disabled at all, because not work properly.
v0.137: Added sun rays.
v0.133: Added GUI for simpler editing, edge antialiasing, interior properties.
v0.121: Optimizations mostly and some bug fixes.
v0.118: ATI/AMD cards now supported, make sure ForceNVidiaCard=false is set in enbseries.ini. Added effects DOF, SSAO, but SSIL is not working in complex mode yet.
v0.116: Added many per object control parameters to configuration file.
v0.115: Bloom, lenz, eye adaptation, palette and post processing with programmable shader are the only working effects.