Convertor is a special library which translate one graphic technology functions to another. These software is very rare, but some other developers did same kind convertors, but for different purposes. Common practice is to use convertor for compability with modern hardware and operational systems, but mine are only for applying graphic effects to old games. The simplest convertor is DirectX8 to DirectX9 (actually direct3d8 to direct3d9), all others much more complex, so i'm not in hurry to do them.

In my plans development of convertors from OpenGL, DX5,6,7. Convertor to DX10 or DX11 is useless at this moment, because not much effects could be implemented yet.

Not all convertor versions work properly with games, some contain bug fixes for specific game, but first try latest version anyway.


v0.0018 for GTA Vice City and GTA 3
v0.0014 for Mafia