download ENBSeries DX8 to DX9 Convertor v0.014 beta

Warning! This is convertor of DirectX8 to DirectX9 rendering functions, not the graphic modification, so no effects applied. You must configure it for use with any d3d9 based modification. This version of convertor is not complete, have a lot of bugs (mostly memory leaks) not all games working with it, ALT+TAB is not working, but in general all of these errors not affect gameplay. Seems it work good with No One Lives Forever 2, Mafia games. It not work currently with Silent Hill, Unreal Tournament 2004, GTA Vice City, GTA 3. It's available for download for compability.

Extract files from archive in to the game directory or where game execution file exist (.exe). For some games it is in the directories named system, bin, bin32. Several games needs root game directory for mod even if .exe file is not there.

Remove d3d8.dll and enbconvertor.ini files from game folder.

EnableProxyLibrary=(0,1) load 3rd party library by the mod at game start. Helps to solve problem with multiple d3d9.dll files.
InitProxyFunctions=(0,1) connect to functions of 3rd party library.
ProxyLibrary=(filename) file name of 3rd party library.