On the forum you may find solution to problems (bugs), experienced with games and ENBSeries, share own presets and screenshots with other users. Also you may advertise another modifications in there.

Forum rules:

Not all users are adult, so write precautions for them if you are posting some specific content.

Violence content from games are allowed, but things like guro "style" with humans are strictly prohibited. Some content may be removed, if it's too much extreme.

Agressive behavior against users, different races, aliens or anyone else is dissallowed. But you may say the truth or jokes regarding something prohibited on other resources. The truth is beyong law and morality, that's the rule.

Discussion of politics is not allowed. I don't share "ideas" of my and other countries government, this is not the place for them.

Discussion of religion is prohibited. Gods are allowed only as characters of games or cheats.

Spam disallowed, you will be banned immediately without warning. Advertisement of games, software for gamers, mods and other stuff like that is allowed in special category of the forum.