What is it

File effect.txt is a HLSL file format, it allow to apply custom programmed post process shader effects. These effects are applied at the end of frame rendering, after it only game hud elements and mouse cursor drawed.
These files may have parameters for customizing, open them at look at the beginning.

How to install

Put it in to the mod installation folder, in most cases it's same folder where game executable located.


At this moment 3 times changed standart of effect.txt file:

1) single pass only with one PostProcess technique.

2) multi pass processing with PostProcess, PostProcess2, PostProcess3, ... PostProcess8 techniques and each one called after previous with texColor as result of previous executed technique.

3) same as standart #2, but tempF1...tempF0 variables changed from single float to vector of 4 floats, so tempF1 consist of key mapped variables to 1,2,3,4 keys, tempF2 to 5,6,7,8 and tempF3 to 9,0 and last two components of vector unused. ScreenScaleY removed. ScreenSize single float replaced by four float vector, where X component is the same width as before, Y is 1/width, Z is width/height, W is height/width.
Some very old versions of ENBSeries do not support effect.txt, standart #3 is first implemented in v0.101 for TES Skyrim and require all effect files to be modified as described above.

Some ENBSeries versions allow to access to texDepth and texNoise textures, but this depends from games also.


In most cases these effects are fast, but some implementations can be very slow. Also almost all effects from me are not optimized.

Old TV

Old black-white tv


Makes vignette with customized fade, color and amount properties

Blur Sharp Shift

It's blurring image, then sharpen it and at last make color dispersion. For some games it increase perception of reality, like captured by digital camera

Dos Game

It simulates how most of the old games looks like by degrading colors and drawing to x-mode resolution 320*240. Stunning feeling if you are an old gamer

Edge Detect

Black and white version of edge detection. Not useful, i did it just as first example

TES Oblivion

This effect was developed for The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion version of ENBSeries by request, i don't like it personally

Some effects you can find inside ENBSeries for specific games.