Deus Ex Human Revolution is third game, it was developed by another team, but they tried to make game closer to first Deus Ex. I haven't played it much, because all time was spend for modding and fixing bugs in the game. From several levels which i saw, game have similar things to Deus Ex 1, music also, but visual quality and performance are awful. 3d models mostly very bad, they are not stylish (also environment is empty if compare to modern games, some textures are missing). Some of them looks very good, like from other game imported by modders, it's funny. May be sometime i'll play it, don't care much about graphic quality of such game if it's Deus Ex, but developers tried to foolish gamers with low tech quality, can't sit silently in this situation.
Gamers are not objective as most of humans. Like chickens percept first creature as their mum, they decided that game should be yellow as on first screenshots. I hate all modern color filters, because they can be applied only for some rare cases, but not always the same. It's not just the matter of taste, when human eye see darkened image with degraded colors, "quality looks better" as less errors visible actually. Replace heads of characters in game with some zombie and they will look much more real, just because you never saw zombie. Well, color filter removed by me, added few effects and raytraced reflections (the only version which use it). Tried to implement self shadowing, but amount of problems with game lights completely destroy positive changes (game lights are applied through the walls).

You may see comparison screenshots from this mod and vanilla game in the gallery.


v0.276 recent for Director's Cut version
v0.088 FX IMPLANT 2.0, outdated version for some older patches of the game