0 means high quality, 1 middle quality, 2 is low quality. Affect performance in general. In some versions quality means amount of rendering passes, but in newest it’s resolution factor of bloom texture.


How much bloom is visible at day time.


How much bloom is visible at night time.


Amount of blue (violet) shift phenomena. It’s effect of bloom color change at high intensity, very noticable on digital camera photos.


Same as previous, but for night.


Day or night detector different between versions of ENBSeries. If game not allow to detect time of the day, then average screen brightness used. In some places day and night cannot be detected properly.
Bloom in real world have constant amount for day and night time, but it’s not an easy to setup proper hdr values for lighting and program adaptation close to real eyes, so trick with separate values helps.
Bloom amount day and night also affect lenz fx amount, because it computed at same time and use same texture for better performance, so if you decrease amount of bloom, increase lenzfxamount.