UseOriginalPostProcessing=(false, true)

When enabled, ENBSeries will use vanilla game post processing algorithm. This may be useful if you like how colors of the game in general looks like, but want to use some features of ENBSeries.

EnableBloom=(false, true)

Enable own ENBSeries bloom effect or not, it’s part of high quality post processing for HDR, also lenz effect computed at same time as bloom. Almost all original bloom effect of games is not so high quality as used by ENBSeries, but different versions of the mod have various bloom methods and in some versions this effect applied not correctly (beta versions).

EnableAdaptation=(false, true)

Toggle eye adaptation to screen brightness. Some games have own adaptation algorithm, this parameter switch to own ENBSeries method.

EnableAmbientOcclusion=(false, true)

Toggle screen space ambient occlusion (ssao) and indirect lighting effect. This effect is very slow in general and especially as I do it, it much more complex than ssao in other games and looks differently. Turn it off to increase performance greatly or configure it’s quality to fit your needs.

EnableDepthOfField=(false, true)

Toggle depth of field effect. In some versions it exist, in some not, also implementations are different, some may have focusing point in center of screen and another have custom shader for computing focus from different areas on screen (useful for advanced users).