By default this key is BACKSPACE. When pressed, ENBSeries of latest versions (starting from 0.101) will reload configuration file and shaders to see changes done in them.


This is primary key for switching something by pressing two keys. Default is SHIFT key.


Turn on and off ENBSeries mod, default is F12 key. Must be pressed together with KeyCombination key, so don’t expect that pressing only F12 will turn mod on/off, only SHIFT+F12 will work.


Key for fps limiter, default is HOME. Also must be pressed together with KeyCombination.


Display frame rate. In some versions this value set to 0 which means it’s disabled, but in most it’s NUM * key.


Capture screenshot to bmp file in the same folder where ENBSeries installed. In old versions default was PRINTSCREEN, in newest it’s INSERT key.


By some unknown reasons in rare cases KeyScreenshot key is hooked (PRINTSCREEN) and ENBSeries capture screenshot at every frame, so just set to another key number or to 0.