Guide for converting old presets to newest version of the mod

Why to use newest versions of the mod? Because they are much more optimized, brings more features, have workarounds of driver issues and game bugs, have in-game editor of enbseries.ini file (by default keys shift+enter pressed together show or hide GUI).
If your preset looks different with old version and new, that's only because of bugs in old versions, because of changes in SSAO/SSIL code and not properly configured enbseries.ini.

The most important change of version 0.193 and newest is new file "enblocal.ini". It contain all per user parameters which are unique for individual PC. Actually such global variables moved from enbseries.ini to enblocal.ini with minor changes. Loading of any d3d9 based mods also moved to enblocal.ini, but category [PROXY] still the same.
Which parameter moved to enblocal.ini you don't need to ask, because they are all in enblocal.ini, if you see the same in enbseries.ini, then they are obsolette. Btw, internal editor will show only parameters which are valid for current version of the mod, this also helping much to ignore old variables.


This parameter toggle patch features only or patch with graphic modification. ENBoost users who want to to play with graphic enhancement also, must set it to true:

For graphic mod this variable affect performance, but also allow to use more effects which require it, not recommended for low-end videocards or when antialiaing enabled:

Notice: antialiasing supported by the mod long time ago, then was disabled, now supported again, but without effects which can't run with it. Anisotropic filtering was always supported.

This variable must be set to false, because enabled it greatly decrease performance and was designed to old versions of the game. Also it's still required for users who have old videocards which won't display magic spells or fire effects, all other users must set it to false:


Notice: If you have crash at start or when game loaded, then find all variables with value -1 (minus one) and set them to 0.

First of all you need to activate old night/day detection code, it readed data from background color, but new use sky horizon color for that. Darker or brighter image in general is because of it. Also newest version have another method of reading time, based on hours, also must be turned off to restore old:
However, some not very outdated presets may require DetectorOldVersion=false, so better compare screnshots with two states of this variable.

Feature of time of the day detection [TIMEOFDAY] also use extra parameters for dusk, dawn, sunrise and sunset, old versions don't have them, so if you set:
then all variables which ends with Sunrise, Sunset will not have any affect on image, like old mods. For example these are new variables:
but when [TIMEOFDAY] Enable=false set, only workable are (like in old versions):
You simply don't need to change them at all!
If preset is for very old version of the mod, then separation to interior/exterior may not exist at all, in that case simply copy day/night values to interiorday/interiornight.

The most noticable difference "black shadows" appear when EnableSkyLighting=true is set, i did mistake in several old versions and fixed it later, as result effect is much more intense. To fix it, increase values of following parameters:
As alternative you may turn off sky lighting completely, it's not yet finished:

If your sky looks different, then change this variable (true or false):

Characters and plants in new versions have separated parameters for subsurface scattering, so you just need to copy all variables of old config from:
to this category:

Effects SSAO/SSIL looks different with modern versions, because they are changed very much and with deffered rendering they also don't suffer from triangulation artifacts and have more detailed look. They may look darker or brighter with old presets, but it's simple to tweak on your taste in GUI of the mod, all you need to do at first is to set this parameter to 1 to make effects faded with distance properly:
If you don't like how effect looks like, there are many variables to turn different types:

That's all as i remember, everything else will be done automatically by the mod.