UseIndirectLighting=(false, true)

Enable indirect lighting computation for SSAO effect. Enabling of this greatly decrease performance and increase quality.


0 means high quality, 1 is middle, 2 is lowest, some mods have extreme quality –1. Recommended to set this to high if display resolution is low and you wish to get better detail of effect. Performance of effect is almost linear dependent from this parameter, for example quality=0 is 1.33 times slower than quality 1.


Relative radius on screen for texture reads around every pixel. Lower value gives better detail on small dustances, but accent lack of geometry in games. Bigger value also decrease performance, because of cache missing for texture reads, so do not set too high.


Amount of ssao as distance factor relative to fog. If scene is foggy, ssao also will fade faster with distance.


Same as previous, but for night mode.


Size of ssao texture at which this effect is rendered, relative to screen resolution. Values above 1.0 are not recommended, because that means size bigger than screen resolution. Speed is affected non linear, for example ssao with SizeScale=1.0 is four times slower than 0.5. Read notice about performance and quality tweak of this parameter.


Relative resolution of textures from which ssao effect read data. For low resolution display mode better set this value closer between 0.5..1.0. Greater values are slower speed because of cache missing for texture reads. Do not set this value above 1.0. Read notice about performance tweak of this parameter.


0 means high quality, 1 is middle, 2 is lowest. Quality of ssao texture filtering. Higher quality reduce noise generated by ssao, but decrease details and affect performance.


Amount of darkening between nearest objects. In different versions of ENBSeries this value may look not same.


Amount of diffusive light reflections between nearest objects. In different versions of ENBSeries this value may look not same.


SizeScale parameter is most useful for tweaking performance of ssao effect. If you with to get higher fps with ssao, one way it to decrease your display resolution, otherwise decrease SizeScale. Users with resolution 1024*768 always have ssao faster than users with 1920*1080 in 2.63 times (amount of pixels of screen). Value 1.0 is useless in most cases, without much quality loss you can set 0.707 to get two times faster speed. But quality for small objects will be lost and as result you may see strange flickering at the distance on plants. Balanced tweaking of SizeScale, SamplingQuality and SourceTexturesScale is what you need to take care about.