download AntiFREEZE Patch 9 ENBSeries v0.096 for TES Skyrim

Warning! fixes some graphical bugs for both ATI and NVidia videocards. In most cases they are some kind of black fence or dots on the screen, flame from dragons breath and magical effects. Fixes BSODs of display driver. Decrease amount of freezes and stuttering. Additional features may be activated by changing enbpatch.ini parameters, for example fps limiter.
patch allow to run several d3d9.dll files at same time. Read documentation on the web site about [PROXY] category.

Version #9 - fixed bug in the patch which turn off antifreeze feature for previous default configs in enbpatch.ini. Minor changes in fps limiter. Added shader recompiler from graphic modification to fix some other bugs, i'll describe it later.
Version #8 - added new anti BSOD method, which is not decrease performance, it increase fps for some PC. Added key for displaying fps (default is * on numpad). SpeedHack was changed, it may increase fps for videocards and drivers (disabled by default). Optimus still not working, but i decided to keep adapter index parameter, may be it will be useful for some multihead videocard or multimonitor display.
Version #7 - fixed BSOD problem for users with amount of video memory less than 1 gb which running game at highest quality, BY DEFAULT IT'S TURNED OFF, so if you do have BSODs or crashes, open enbpatch.ini, find the line AntiBSOD and set it to "true". Unfortunately, it cost a lot of performance, that's why it's disabled by default, to keep angry users far from me. Added experimental adapter selector, may help to use NVidia card on laptops with Optimus technology, set ForceVideoAdapterIndex=true and VideoAdapterIndex=1, that may work (or not, i don't have laptop for testing). Added FPS limitation feature with keyboard control (shift+home keys together). Fps display feature (numpad * key). Now with deviceid and vendorid you also may write videocard model. Fix some lags may help WaitBusyRenderer=true parameter, it's kind of VSync slow down.
Version #6 - added experimental memory usage reducing method which allow on some PC decrease amount of BSOD and crashes, even with installed LAA patch. But it have some issues at this moment:
1 performance is lower when using ReduceMemoryUsageBETA=true
2 game is unstable in fullscreen mode
3 ReduceMemoryUsageBETA make things even worse on PC with slow videocard
Use this feature carefully and in windowed mode!
Version #5 - added parameters to switch render device to safer mode, like in version 3; added device id and vendor id parameters to foolish game with custom videocard model, this may help to fix some bugs and also may affect performance (change these values from list of known videocard models); configuration file name changed from enbseries.ini to enbpatch.ini to allow use patch with ENBSeries graphic mods together without dependencies.
Version #4 - optimized code to reduce negative performance impact when using this patch. Disabled all shadow quality improvements of previous versions. Added parameter to switch off graphic bugs patch and leave only freeze fix part of it.
Version #3 - added experimental fix for freezing and lagging (code from Silent Hill Homecoming patch doing this), some problems with sound also may be solved, patch supports memory greater than 2 gb.
Version #2 - added fixes for shadows, now they are working for objects like mountains and much less pixelated (noticable on characters the most).