Category of enbseries.ini presets:

ForceAnisotropicFiltering=(0,1) force to use anisotropic filtering for most game textures. If geometry in the game at far distance looks blurred, activate it. This parameter affect speed, in some cases when game use complex shaders with hard texture sampling algorithms like parallax, motion blur, ambient occlusion performance will be extremely low, multiple times. Also many games for some objects use specific filtering methods that reduce artifacts or used for effects, in this case activated parameter will work wrong. Frequently anisotropic filtering is available in game video options, you don't need to activate this parameter then. Also in video drivers control panel it exist, but i strongly suggest do not use it there if ENBSeries running, this greatly decrease performance.

MaxAnisotropy=(1..16) maximal level of anisotropy filtering, greater values makes more sharp textures at low angles. In most cases this value set to 16, 8, 4, 2, because difference between them non linear. Value 16 may produce too sharp textures if they have any kind of thin lines, try 8 then. High values of this parameter decrease speed a little, but complex in game shaders like parallax may drop on knees you PC.

ForceDisplayRefreshRate=(0,1) force to use user defined refresh rate. WARNING! Be very careful with enabling of this parameter, if you monitor (any other display device) do not support custom refresh rate it may be corrupted and even your videocard too (but the drivers may not allow invalid values). This parameter very useful for Windows XP, because by default it use 60 Hz for full screen 3d applications, for comfortable play it's too low, especially on CRT monitors, eyes get tired fast.

DisplayRefreshRateHz=(60..240) custom monitor reflresh rate. WARNING! Incorrect use of this parameter may corrupt you display (or what you are using) and even videocard! By default Windows XP use 60 Hz, if your display device support greater value for resolution you play, try to set that refresh rate to this parameter. For me, 85 Hz is enough with CRT monitor.


Copyright (c) 2009
Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)

  Copyright (c) 2009 Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)