Category of enbseries.ini presets:

UseEffect=(0,1) activate modification at game start. In some situations HUD or startup movies may be corrupted visually because of this parameter enabled, i strongly do not recommend this. By default mod activating by pressing keys SHIFT and F12 together.

AlternativeDepth=(0,1) when activating this, scene depth information required for some effects renders through fog, that allow to increase performance in some situations, but not all videocards support drawing of fog at full precision, only newest (DirectX10 compatible) videocards can do this: GeForce 8xxx, GeForce 9xxx, Radeon 2xxx, Radeon 3xxx (about Radeon 1xxx not sure). If you see large lines on the objects, disable this parameter.

AllowAntialias=(0,1) enables antialiasing setting from game to be used in the mod effects. (antialiasing, multisampling, fsaa, in other words). If antialiasing enabled in the videodrivers control panel, this parameter will not work, disable such antialiasing manually. In most cases enabled antialiasing is the reason of graphic artifacts, because only newest videocards support antialiasing of HDR textures. If you see black screen, green and red, white, try to turn off this parameter and all antialiasing setting in game and drivers.

BugFixMode=(0..5) every value fixes it's own unsupported feature or bug in driver or hardware. For nvidia forceware drivers 169.xx and higher (last tested 174.xx) do not set this parameter to 1 or it will crash (driver bug with R32F texture format), unfortunately these drivers may crash with some other values of this parameter, try yourself. For ATI videocards set this parameter to 1, for old videocards try 5, this may help in some situations.
Values from 0 to 5 actually HDR texture formats: 0 (R32G32F)-high quality and middle performance, 1 (R32F)-high quality and fast, 2 (A32R32G32B32F)-high quality and very slow, 3 (R16F)-low quality and fastest, 4 (R16G16F)-low quality and fast, 5 (A16R16G16B16F)-low quality and middle performance.

SkipShaderOptimization=(0,1) disables optimization when compiling shader, may help to elliminate bugs. Some drivers and videocards combinations do not compile shaders right way, perhaps because of their complexity, try to enable this parameter if you see any artifacts.

QuadVertexBuffer=(0,1) some games simply not allow rendering of post processing effects with this parameter enabled, if you don't see any difference when activating ENBSeries, try to disable this parameter. Actually when it's enabled, rectangle geometry drawing from videomemory, otherwise from system memory. May be it's the problem of DirectX version that game compiled to, guess even game crash may happen if this parameter enabled for some games, but never have that.

EnableShaders_3_0=(0,1) some effects looks better if rendered with version of shaders 3.0, i suggest to activate this parameter for videocards with shader model 3_0 support.

AdditionalConfigFile=(filename) if file exist, all parameters from it will be used instead of default enbseries.ini file. Very useful for sharing parameters between users without loss of own configuration.


Copyright (c) 2009
Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)

  Copyright (c) 2009 Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)