Category of enbseries.ini presets:

UseFilter=(0,1) enable filtering of ambient occlusion texture, currently froced to be on if occlusions enabled. Ambient occlusion and indirect lighting effect use randomization for sampling textures and this produce noise. Filtering is expensive algorithm, it depends from display resolution (any filtering depends from resolution actually), so this is the one reason of slow performance, try to change it quality.

OcclusionQuality=(0..2) quality of ssao (screen space ambient occlusion) and ssil (screen space indirect lighting). 0 means maximal quality and slow performance. Higher quality makes more detailed shading at small or distant objects and less noisy, even with quality 0 you may use FilterQuality 1 or 2. This parameter greatly affect gaming speed and directly depends from display resolution, see performance tips section.

FilterQuality=(0..2) quality of ssao noise filtering, 0 is maximal quality in several passes, but it have negative results in detail loss, small objects or on edges too much blur is noticable. For good balance between occlusion quality and filtering quality i suggest to use filtering quality 1 with occlusion quality 1 and filtering quality 1 or 2 with occlusion quality 0, becase filtering is costly.

DarkeningLevel=(0..100) darkening level by ambient occlusion. If objects (geometry) are close to each other on screen, they became dark in nearest areas by SSAO effect.

BrighteningLevel=(0..100) edge lightening level by ambient occlusion. SSAO effect can make edges of convex polygons brighter to achieve more volumetric look of objects.

IlluminationLevel=(0..100) the amount of indirect lightning applied to surfaces by multyply add function. This mean that dark areas of screen will be not affected. Too high values for this parameter makes oversaturated lighting.

AdditiveIlluminationLevel=(0..100) lightening of dark areas by indirect lightning the same manner as bright areas, this better to illuminate dark rooms with spot of light on the floor, parameter IlluminationLevel will not work here, but too high values produce strange looking lighting on initially black objects, like they are in dust.

UseAmbientOcclusion=(0,1) allow darkening of nearest objects, temporary disabled, because indirect lighting without ambient occlusion is not very useful.

UseIndirectLightning=(0,1) compute indirect lightning between nearest objects. This parameter greatly increase performance, but also may be a huge quality boost. Try to disable this parameter first, then to decrease occlusion quality, if you don't like speed at which game runing.


Copyright (c) 2009
Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)

  Copyright (c) 2009 Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer)