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ENBSeries v0.101 documentation

Display driver control panel tweaks

For better performance and compability strongly recommended to disable forced antialiasing, transparensity antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in display control paned or other tools which do this (NVidia control center, Catalyst control center). Turn off all quality boost or degradation features in there, any kind smoothing is only produce errors. Do not set texture lod bias to negative values, it must be 0 only or not affected at all. Do not turn on SSAO in drivers, because it will cost performance but will not work with ENBSeries.


Some third party software not supported, you must unload such tools. The problem is in their method of brute hooking of d3d. Ati tray tools, D3D Overider, EVGA, MSI Afterburn, XFire, Mumba - are not compatible.
Laptops with NVidia Optimus cannot use NVidia card and switching to gpu integrated on cpu. To fix that you need to turn off on cpu videocard in bios.


Extract all files from enbseries archive to game folder or where EXE file is located, this could be game launcher, original or renamed game executable.
Run the game launcher to configure graphic presets again.
Exit the launcher, open SkyrimPrefs.ini game file and make sure that bFloatPointRenderTarget value is set to 1.
Run the game executable directly or skyrim launcher and play.


Remove files d3d9.dll, enbseries.ini, enbeffect.fx.


Read at least description of SSAO properties and how to tweak them for higher performance. Beta or earlier versions are always non optimized.